a few words about us

Our one-stop marketplace has programs for online payrolls, home media management, digital scrapbooking, website creation, video conversion, you name it!

Company Info

Pixel.Camp is the leading provider of desktop and mobile cross-platform product development, engineering and consulting services, serving technology startups as well as mid-size to large corporations and individual clients. We have deep client relationships with various clients ranging from startups to Top 100 companies.

our advantages

Our company grows every year and our apps are improved with us. The following points explain why our customers trust us.

Software Industry Leader

We’ve been on the market for more than a decade and outlasted thousands of competitors. High-tech products and top-notch customer services have brought us to the forefront of the software industry.

Superior Customer Care

The priority of our software company is customer satisfaction, and we never stop pursuing this goal. We’ve built a team of specialists who know how to help users with their problems.